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Gif Impetu Design
Behind Impetu you will find me, Isabel.
With long experience as a graphic designer and having worked for big brands in the stressful world of the agency, In 2017 I decided to turn my professional career around and start my own graphic and web design business.
This decision was born from the union of doing what I like the most, which is designing, and seeking to contribute value to my clients, giving a very personalized service, helping them to communicate more effectively through graphic communication.
I am passionate about my profession mainly because each project is a new adventure in which I have to put myself in the shoes of my clients in order to better understand their needs And that always entails great learning, which is another of the things that I like the most, connecting with something new in each project. Besides this, developing and keeping my creative part alive is very important to me.
For this reason, in addition to creating branding and web pages, making collages, creating Stamping and drawing in parallel to more conceptual work is something that keeps me connected.

You will find this type of job in
Personally, I am restless, curious and (they say) how happy.
Being outdoors, music or a bath in the sea, help me to be more creative in the moments when inspiration escapes.

I am a lover of movement, the exchange of ideas and action for that reason, I firmly believe in the saying of "shoemaker to your shoes" so,
For some projects, I count on collaborators from other specialties who contribute their knowledge, value and experience.

If you want to talk to me or find out more about me, you can do so on my LinkedIn profile.